October 3, 2017

Up And Coming Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For

Up And Coming Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For

Opportunities really happen in times of uncertainty or adversity. This is what happened with the dot-com bubble. Now, skeptics of cryptocurrencies are buzzing on the next bubble with this digital currency happening anytime soon.

Currencies actually exist and become stable when two parties agree that it has intrinsic value. So practically anything can become a currency with this specific requirement. This goes the same with paper currencies that are accepted as money. The medium of exchange is now evolving and expanding and many financial experts and CEOs believe that bitcoin and other internet-based cryptocurrencies can also become a viable currency accepted worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are being launched every day or every week. While it seems to be getting crowded, there are a few big cryptocurrencies that are promising and are to look out for such as the following:

  • Synereo

    . This direct competition of Steem is in the works to launch an up and coming social media network. Their marketing strategy is focused on starting small and then pushing the envelope from there. They have already launched their token. They currently have a chrome extension which shares YouTube videos plus a website. From there, they will be expanding their domain until the launching of a fully functional and complete social media network to rival the giants. If you want to invest, you can start now. Although the prices are expected to peak by 2018 with the launching of more products and development of features.

  • EOS

    . There’s a lot of hype going around with EOS. This is the same founder that created BitShares and Steem which adds up to its reputation score. With the ongoing hype, many investors were into panic buying mode the very first day of its launching. In fact, a lot of people overpaid for their tokens. With that, the current price of $1.30 is bound to triple in a few months. EOS supply is at 1,000,000,000. There are over 324,000,000 now in circulation and around 2,000,000 more would be added every day. It’s ideal to buy now because more likely than not most of the tokens would already be distributed in 2018 and this is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

  • SIA

    . This is one of the giant cryptocurrencies invading the market right now with a reigning market cap of $250 million to date. SIA is trying to formulate decentralized cloud storage with the tagline promo that says they can offer their products and services 10 times cheaper as compared to the prevailing marketing price. The decentralization factor also adds another layer of security to cloud storage services. They aim to revolutionize the cloud storage space with the integration of blockchain technology. They have already launched their product so investors can start the drill although the product is expected to be fully functional in 2018.

The popularity of bitcoin does not signal the death of fiat money. It is not bound to replace or defeat gold in value but would even flourish in tandem. There is real value in these digital currencies. With its exponential growth in a short span of time, and with ICOs pooling over $1.27 billion this year, we can definitely say that it’s not a fad or bubble at all.


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